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This Is What You Need To Do After A Great Date

Sometimes, we get really lucky and experience an awesome date. The problem comes after. What do you say after a great date that was really amazing? You don’t want to ruin things by saying something awkward or inappropriate. The tendency is for us to overthink the situation.

After A Great Date, You Need To Stop Overthinking What To Say

While you can get dumbfounded waking up the next day and finding out it wasn’t a dream, you have to do something positive after a great date. Snap out of your reverie and do this – send a text message or a private chat message. Here are some tips on how to do it:

1. Time It Properly

Don’t send it too early in the morning or too late, like the next day. Sending it too early makes you seem too eager and clingy. And, your message might wake him or her up and be a turn-off. If it’s too late, your date might already assume something else. Sending your text or chat message mid-morning is about quite right.

2. Show Your Appreciation

As with the basic rule of manners, a “thank you” is in order for a great date. Start with an attitude of gratitude and you won’t be so nervous about it. It’s all about being thankful for the wonderful day or night. So start your message with that.

3. Keep It Light And Positive

When you send a message, remember to keep it simple and not too wordy. You can write something like, “Thank you very much for a great time! I had so much fun with you!” It is just composed of a few words but it is direct and to the point.

4. Include An Emoji— Or Two

When we chat or send a text, of course, our emotions cannot be seen. There is no body language. You can insert an emoji, like a smiley, after the message. It creates a fun atmosphere in the exchange. Just don’t replace actual words with emojis. Be careful with the hearts, though. It might be too early to send them.

Sending a text message or starting a chat opens up the door for a continuing conversation after a great date. Your date will know that you were happy about your outing and you are open for another one. After that, you can already plan the next date. For more tips, read other posts on the blog.