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On And Off Relationships Are Bad For Your Mental Health, Here’s Why

In our lifetime, we may have met one person who we can never give up. We may feel like this person is the love of our life, the bane of our existence. It’s ironic but there is such a person who we love so much but, we know, isn’t good for us. It’s likely that we develop on and off relationships with this person throughout.

You Need To Stop Having On And Off Relationships

In dating, it’s likely that we hold onto a person because we’re hopeful that things will be better the second, third, or fourth time around. We are actually not noticing what on and off relationships are doing to our mental health.

According to a study done by the University of Missouri in Columbia 60% of adults have experienced on and off relationships. The study involved more than 500 couples. This type of relationship was linked to higher rates of abuse, lower chances of commitment, as well as poor communication. The following are the possible mental effects caused by being in an on and off relationship constantly:

1. Insecurities Heighten

In this kind of relationship, one person will often wonder if he or she will ever be good enough for the other person. As the relationship ends, one person will end up feeling like he or she caused the downfall.

2. Jealousy

Because insecurities are heightened, it’s likely that one or both of the people in the relationship will feel jealous towards anyone or even a hobby which their significant other is doing.

3. Constant Friction

The needs of both people in the relationship are not being met. Definitely, jealousy will follow shortly after. The result of all of the elements mentioned is friction, loads and loads of friction.

4. Depression

Constant friction can then lead to depression. A person can only stand being unhappy or feeling miserable for a few moments. The next phase that will follow will be depression if the relationship is not ended.

If you keep going back to the person who already left, it’ll be an endless pattern of abusing yourself. It’s best to move forward for the sake of your sanity. For more tips on dating and relationships, read other posts on the blog.