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This Is What Women Consider Major Red Flags

If you’ve been online dating for some time now, you already know what major red flags to avoid. Ditch someone who asks for money online. Avoid giving out personal information about yourself. These are all pretty basic. But, how about major red flags when you’re already dating in the real world?

Major Red Flags You Should Never Do When Dating

During dates, we always want to be ourselves, but still put our best feet forward so our date can have a good first impression about us. However, there are times when we do something that our date simply doesn’t like. For you to be more aware of what trivial actions can lead to the loss of our next date, refer to the list below:

1. Isolating your date from her friends and family.

It’s not right to isolate your date from the people she cares about. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been dating for a week or for two years. Keeping her all to yourself won’t be good for your relationship in the long run.

2. Ignoring or laughing at boundaries.

Different people have different beliefs. For example, if your date doesn’t like the green jokes you’re making, you need to respect her wishes. Never shrug it off or simply laugh at her, saying that she’s too uptight.

3. Telling her she’s “crazy”.

First of all, you never want to tell a woman that she’s crazy. No woman wants to hear that there’s something wrong with her head. By extension, you don’t want to tell your date that women (in general) are crazy, even if you were referring to your ex.

4. Making future plans too early.

You’re going to scare any woman you’re with when you make future plans early on in the relationship. It’s a great way to tell your date that you see a future with her, but your timing is off. If you’ve dated for, at least, a year, then you can lightly touch on future stuff.

5. Figuring her out after only a couple of dates.

“You’re the kind of girl who…” is an introduction to a sentence you never want to say. Never assume that a woman is this type or that because you don’t know her very well yet.

The items listed above may very well be simple mistakes that you commonly do. Now that you are aware that they’re considered to be major red flags, stop doing them all together. For more tips about dating success, read more on our blog.