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Are You Being Too Picky While Dating?

When finding the right person to be with, it’s impossible for us not to have preferences. Some of us may prefer women with long black hair, some prefer blondes. There are those of us who love dating Eastern European women, but others don’t really have this preference. Is it possible though that we are becoming too picky while dating?

When You’re Too Picky While Dating, You’ll Have A Hard Time Finding True Love

In an age where we are granted so many options, it’s impossible for us not to be picky. We have online dating and app dating now which affords us plenty of options. If you say that you want to meet a Spanish person, with dark hair, blue eyes, who works as a doctor, lives a comfortable life, and has only had three serious relationships so far, you might find one. But, does this mean being too picky while dating?

The answer is yes. Here’s the difference between preference and pickiness:

  • Preference focus on important things like a person’s character. Pickiness, on the other hand, deals more with the superficial aspects of a person.
  • You can do away with your preferences if you meet a good person who you’re genuinely interested in. But, if you’re too picky, you have to have the whole package.
  • Preferences come naturally. Being picky involves a long list of PROs and CONs.
  • When you have preferences, you give people a second chance even if the first date didn’t go too well. When you’re picky, you rarely have second dates.

How To  Avoid Being Picky While Dating

As you can tell, being picky is never a good trait. With so many items on your list, you will never find the right person for you. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to compromise. You should still have your preferences. As mentioned, preferences can be flexible, so don’t forget to give people a second chance.

Aside from this, remember to double check the list that you have. It’s not necessarily bad to have a list. However, if you stick to it too strictly, you will definitely have a hard time finding matches and you can start looking at it as a list of excuses you make up because you are really scared to fall in love. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.