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How Your Education Affects Your Dating App Chances

When you’re on a dating app, most of the time, you would have to put in your educational achievement. It might be tempting to just leave this detail out because it’s something that may not be important. Well, think again because a recent study has proven that your educational level can actually improve your dating app chances.

The Higher Your Educational Level, The Better Your Dating App Chances

The study, published in the Psychological Sciences Journals, claim women are more likely than men to seek a certain level of educational level in a potential partner.

This study gathered data from 42,000 people from ages 18 to 80. It discovered that women from the age of 18 to 30 are more likely to have a preference in educational levels. With men of the same age group, not so much. But, interestingly, as both genders reach the age of 40, women become less picky, while the men become pickier.

The Explanation

During women’s early ages, they seek the best mate for themselves. So, one’s educational level becomes one of the yardsticks for choosing quality men. It’s pretty self-explanatory as most of us see people with a Master’s Degree or Ph.D. as smart or having a high social status.

As for men and women flipping the switch as they get older, the reason behind this could be because our preference changes throughout our reproductive cycle.

What To Do About It

If you’re looking for someone through apps, and you have a Master’s Degree, then great for you. You should wear (or display on your profile) this badge of honor with pride because you have earned it. You’ll have better dating app chances and get more dates in the process.

However, if your educational level isn’t that high, you can always put it on your dating app profile and then play up the strengths you already have. For example, if you’re athletic, make sure to include photos of yourself working out.

Educational level is just one of the factors that increase your chances of finding the perfect match. You still have other traits that you can highlight, like kindness or a funny personality, so don’t just focus on this one factor. Do share this post if you found it helpful. For more tips, make sure to check out other posts on the blog.