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Third Date Will Make Or Break Your Relationship, Here’s Why

Everyone is so obsessed talking about making a good impression on a first date that very few talk about the second one. Even fewer ever mention the third date at all. But this is one major mistake because the third one is the defining date for your relationship. You may be thinking this is crazy talk, but you’ll see why this all makes perfect sense.

Why Is The Third Date Super Important?

To understand what really makes the third date such a big deal, it’s a good idea to see what goes on in the previous two.

The awkward first encounter.

Think of yourself on your first date. You probably spend the whole night worrying about the impression you’re making. Have you dressed appropriately? Are you asking her the right questions? Is your body language right? There is so much to worry about you don’t even have the chance or the head to learn and remember much about her.

The is-the-chemistry-really-there second date.

And let’s have a look at the second date. You asked her on one, so it means you liked her on the first one and she liked you enough to accept doing it again. This time, you have promised yourself to learn more about her, worry less about yourself and actually make sure that the connection you suspected on the first date really is there. Chances are that she’s doing the exact same thing with you. So, again, there is so much stress that one of you will blow it and the other will have a change of heart and never want to meet again.

The turning point.

Now, do you see why the third date is made of gold? Once you’ve made it past the second date, you can actually say that you are officially dating. You will be feeling much more relaxed and get the chance to dig deeper into real things in your life that you just mentioned in the previous two dates, you will have a better conversation as the intimacy will have increased, and you know about the ladies’ “third-date rule”. You may even move things forward with some physical action too. The third meet up basically establishes the kind of relationship you’ll have. It’s when you will understand whether you are on the same page as far as relationship goals are concerned, and decide for real if you want to go on that journey together.

With relationships analyzed more than ever these days, you will surely find the third get-together slowly taking its rightful place as the make-or-break, defining moment in people’s relationships.

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