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This Is What You Must Know About A Dating Trend Called Roaching

If you haven’t had your fill of negative dating trends yet, well, you’re not going to like this. A new situation has been coined, and plenty of modern daters refer to it as roaching. You are going to be so annoyed by this trend, but it’s pretty common, especially in today’s dating scene.

The Worst Thing About Roaching Is You Never Know Until The End

So, what is roaching exactly, and how does it happen? Imagine yourself meeting someone totally attractive online. You hit it off, then you decide to go out on a first date. Everything went well! You text after, you hang out a few more times. So far so good. But then, your date suddenly drops a bomb on you. He or she is seeing someone else. What just happened? Well, you were just roached by your date.

Usually, with roaches, there’s always some hiding under nooks and crannies, so it’s not just one. So, the situation is very similar to this. Although you see your date, what you don’t see is his or her other connections, flings, other dates, or even flow blown relationships.

The worst thing about roaching is that you never know until the end. You might think that you are officially dating, but for your date, it was only casual which is why he or she opened him or herself up to others.

How To Move Forward

Because you cannot actually tell if someone is going to roach you right off the bat, all you can do is move forward from it. If the person you’re dating roached you, it’s going to hurt because you have invested feelings and you were hopeful that everything will work out. But, you have to move forward if you are looking for a serious relationship.

Always remember that there will be people who won’t have the same intentions as you online. So, we have to be more careful who we give your time and attention to. Always make sure that the person is looking for something similar to what you’re looking for. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.