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Things You Need To Know About Women From Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country bounded by rich cultures all around. It developed its flavor of culture deriving influences from Greeks, Romans, Turkish, Persian and Celtics to name a few. Other than the melting pot of cultures, this nation is also home to one of the world’s most beautiful people (aka women from Bulgaria) with the interracial mixes of Russian, Balkan, Greek and even a touch of a Middle Eastern beauty as well.

It is said that men have trouble concentrating on other tourist attractions in Bulgaria because Bulgarian ladies are too much of an eye candy. But there are more to these beauties than just their physical attributes.

What Makes Women From Bulgaria So Interesting

Bulgarian Ladies are Their Own People

Historically, Bulgaria is more of a patriarchal society; but women have slowly made their mark into the society. Women have worked their way from the right to vote to occupying 20% of the seats in parliament. They also hold significant roles in household decisions, in agriculture, and owning properties.

Women are only second to men, in contemporary times, in educational attainments and are less often raised to leadership positions. But Bulgarian ladies are strong women who can hold their own in the world of men even at a disadvantage.

Beautiful from Head to Toe

The fact that women from Bulgaria have made it to the top 5 of the world’s most beautiful girls did not happen by sheer luck or accident. These ladies, smart and strong as they are, still pay particular attention to their looks. Women in Bulgaria work out and make it a point to look fabulous and even all-out glamorous even for just a trip to the grocery. They know that they are blessed with the bone structures to look like Hollywood superstars and they sure know how to play up God’s gifts and use every opportunity to show it off to the world.

Winning Personalities

And the best thing about these marvelous Bulgarian ladies is their soft and loving personalities once you get to know them. These ladies are smart, beautiful and strong outside, but are sensitive and caring once you break through the outer layers. They may seem like the “devil-may-care” types, but deep down, they are just sweet girls who will know how to love you just right. Be wary, though, these ladies can go from your dream girl to your worst nightmare in 3 seconds if you decide to do her wrong. These women are fiercely loyal and expect to be treated by the same token. She will make every effort to make you feel loved and it just is fair you return the favor.

As an added bonus, these girls, despite their supermodel figures, are amazing in the kitchen. They have been trained from a young age in the art of cooking by their mothers before them and have been schooled in the saying that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. These amazing Bulgarian ladies will cook you a storm each time and will spoil you to the point of going up a pants size.

These are just a few aspects of the gem that is a Bulgarian lady. Despite these general attributes, each lady has her own unique traits that will make you fall for more than just the superstar exterior but for the sparkling personality and the warm and fuzzy feeling she gives you each time.

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