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Basic But Essential Rules of Dating in Europe

Each country in Europe has its own set of “dating in Europe” rules, but there are a few general things that foreign men might like to know. That is why we’ve compiled 5 basic yet essential rules of dating in Europe. These rules are specifically for foreign men who want to date European women, and we’ve broken them down to stages or phases, so they’re much easier to understand.

What You Must Know If You’re Interested In Dating In Europe

Meeting and Making the First Move

Just like in most countries, men are expected to make the first move. There are, however, European countries where women do the approaching. Switzerland is a good example of this as men are more reserved. As for the meeting part, most Europeans don’t really go on dates with strangers. Most people who go on dates know each other from a friend or a friend of a friend. This is not to say, of course, that dating in Europe doesn’t involve going up to a random woman on the street and asking her out. It happens but not often for locals. A foreign man, however, might have better luck in that department.

Places to Date

Remember this because it’s important: dating in Europe is more casual. A date may involve walks in the park or walks from somewhere to a cafe. It could also involve trips to the cinema, an informal dinner and more walks. In some European countries, a potential couple may also go on hikes or go biking. The idea is to make things more casual, so you have room to really get to know each other.

The Date

This may be the number one thing on your mind now: who pays? Well, the man offers to pay first but don’t be surprised if the woman thinks it better to go Dutch. This is very common during the first date but never forget to offer first. Next up is the way you dress. When you’re not doing anything sporty, make sure that you dress up even a little bit. European women appreciate men wearing something snazzy. Think smart-casual. Now, during the date itself, you might find yourself bombarded with straight to the point banter. It’s natural. European women will tell you exactly what’s on their mind so get used to the idea.

After the Date

So after you’ve had a wonderful meeting and you’ve escorted your European lady to her doorstep, do you kiss or not? It could be a yes or a no. This depends on which country your European woman came from. If she’s from France then go ahead and pucker up, but you also need to remember the significance of a kiss. It could mean that you’re a couple already.

Calling/Texting the Day After

There’s much debate to this one. Too early and you might scare off the girl because you’re too clingy. Too late and the girl might just lose interest altogether. Dating in Europe, however, is different because it’s the norm for the man to text or call right away. As a matter of fact, most European men call and text the ladies that they’re interested in quite often.

There you have it. 5 Essential rules for dating in Europe. This doesn’t make you 100% ready for the real thing (the actual date) because there’s more to learn, but it helps in a small way – it gets you started. Apply the rules to your European lady and see if it gets you results.