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Six Steps To Getting Your First App Date

When you meet someone truly interesting on a dating app, the best step to take to ensure that everything is moving forward is to ask this person out. You shouldn’t delay anymore, especially if you already feel something for the individual. But, how do you get from saying your first “hello” to going on your first app date?

Never Overthink Your Moves If You Want To Go On Your First App Date

If you really think about it, there’s nothing to overthink. As soon as you meet someone online, the most basic things that you need to do are introduce yourself, establish a connection, then ask the person out on a date. However, because we get nervous, or we think too much about what to do next, we don’t think of the steps to take clearly. If this sound like you, chill out. All you have to do is master six phases:

1. Initiate Contact

Do you find the person that you’re interested in is too attractive? If yes, it’s best to get this idea off of your mind. Don’t be afraid to say hello first just because you think that the person is out of your league.

2. Keeping The Conversation Rolling

After you say hi first, it would be nice to have a meaningful conversation, even if it is through chat. Instantly, you will know if the person is interested in you when you see that an exchange in conversation is taking place. You will know if there’s genuine interest.

3. Watch Out

As you talk more about life, you still have to observe. Are there any red flags? Or, was there something your date did that you were not comfortable with?

4. Seal With A Call

When there are no red flags, it is best to seal the deal with a phone or video call. Why would you do this? For one, you are confirming your identity, as well as your date’s. Both of you can feel more secure because you have heard or seen each other in this step.

5. The First Date

Of course, after the video or phone call, the only thing to do is ask your first app date out. Remember, don’t overthink it. You simply have to ask him or her to meet.

6. Practice Being Positive

After your first date, the person you’re seeing might get busy. So, do not force things to happen. Be patient, and never think that your date is up to no good.

Every time you meet someone special on your dating app, just follow this process. The more you practice it, the more that you will remember. Sooner or later, it’s simply going to be like clockwork for you. The main idea is to meet your first app date and see what he or she is like in real life. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.