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Don’t Be Surprised If She Makes The First Move

When we are online dating, we usually feel awkward if drop-dead gorgeous ladies make the first move. In most cases, men feel like it is unbelievable for such good looking ladies to say hello first. But, in this day and age, is it really something new?

It’s Actually Common For Women To Make The First Move

A certain research studied the data passed by 100 couples who met through online dating. These couples have been dating for at least a year. It was found that in one of every three heterosexual couples, the female actually initiated the conversation. These women also initiated three times more conversations than the average female user.

Surprisingly, it was also found that these women spent less time on dating websites and apps than men. This means that they did not spend a lot of time composing intricate messages. They simply said hello.

What Does This Result Mean For Women?

For women, the message is simple. Don’t be scared to make the first move because it could result in a relationship. The norms for app dating or site dating today are more versatile. Gone are the days when all a woman can do is wait for the gentleman to say hello first.

Don’t spend too much time thinking about what to say. A simple hi or hello will do. Just make sure that you can keep the conversation up to maintain the interest of your date.

What Does This Result Mean For Men?

For men, it’s a wake-up call. There are plenty of gorgeous women out there who want to make the first move. It’s time for you to set aside your old-fashion thinking to make way for something new.

With the trends that are happening today, for example, the #MeToo movement, women are realizing their independence and potential. So, it should be no surprise that they would want to apply it to dating online.

What Should You Do If A Woman Makes The First Move On You?

You may not be used to a woman making the first move. If one does, do not panic. That’s the first thing you do. Reply right away. Say the usual – “Hi, how was your day?” It is your duty, now, to keep the conversation going. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.