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This Is Not A Good Conversation Topic For A Date, You Should Avoid It

Good conversation is one of the keys to having a successful date. The basics have to be covered. Conversation topics like hobbies, career, likes and dislikes, and educational background are good to start with. However, among all the subjects you discuss, you need to be careful about one conversation topic that could ruin your date.

The Conversation Topic That Could Ruin Dates

A survey involved 2000 adults who have active dating profiles or have met their partner online. It revealed something not so surprising. Many of these participants said that they never want to discuss anything about money during a date. Of course, the topic of jobs is open to discussion, but no one wants to discuss finances over a potentially romantic dinner.

Based on the results, a majority of respondents said that they are either “slightly comfortable” or “not comfortable not all” in sharing financial information on dating apps or dating sites.

To be more specific, here are some numbers from the survey:

  • 69% said that they are not comfortable talking about their debt.
  • 69% mentioned that they do not want to discuss their credit score.
  • 64% commented that they do not want to share how much they earn.
  • 53% had the same to say when it came to their spending habits.
  • 18% said talking about finances led to the ending of their past relationships.

What If That Conversation Topic Comes Up?

If the topic ever does come up, and you’re comfortable talking about your own financial standings, then you can discuss it lightly. You can reciprocate by asking your date the same questions about his or her finances.

However, if you’re not comfortable at all, politely say that you should move on to the next topic. You could say something like, “Let’s leave that conversation topic for our next date. Let’s talk about your adorable pet dogs.”

Although the question may have been fazed by the question, you shouldn’t show it. Continue your date as if everything is fine. Don’t take it personally.

The Money Topic

Talking about money brings a lot of things to light. It could hint at the type of parent you’re going to become. It could also tell a plenty about your personality. Either way, remember that there is a right time to talk about money.

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