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This Is How Often New Couples Should See Each Other And It’s Weird

Almost all new couples would want to see each other as often as possible. Everything is new, everything is exciting, and both parties would want to share these with each other. However, an expert is saying that new couples should avoid doing this at the onset of their relationship.

New Couples Should Spend Less Time With Each Other

It’s ironic to say that new couples should spend less time with each other. It sounds counterproductive to most of us, but Dr. Seth Meyers, a licensed clinical psychologist and author, has a good explanation.

Whenever new love forms, the tendency is for both people to want to spend every night together. The problem with this is that we are tempted to be emotionally and physically intimate. There’s nothing wrong with being intimate with the person you are falling for but, according to Dr. Meyers, this usually brings up intense emotions. In turn, these emotions cloud our judgment, making us create a false sense of intimacy and dependence.

While this kind of set up works for some, most new couples don’t last long because of this very reason.

How To Lengthen Your New Relationship

So how can a new relationship be lengthened? What you would want to do is take things slow, at least at the beginning. The aim is to really get to know each other, and see if it is the right choice to be in a relationship together.

Dr. Meyers suggests that it would be ideal for new couples to meet twice a week. This is enough time to get close and get to know each other, without investing a lot emotionally and physically. This will give you better control over analyzing your compatibility and seeing the other person as he or she is (issue, flaws and all).

Again, the main idea is for the relationship to move at a slower pace. While some couples can withstand the test of time even though they are together every waking minute, most couples (of today) won’t last because of the false sense of dependency and intimacy that results from being together all the time.

Even if it is hard, it’s a must for you to take things slow and see how everything will unravel at a pace that both you and your new partner can handle. For more tips on dating, read more from our blog.