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#MeToo Movement Changed The Dating Scene, This Is What Happened

The #MeToo movement is becoming more popular these days. More and more people are coming forward, having the guts to air their story because of the braver ones who have done so before them. And because women are feeling more empowered, the #MeToo movement has also been affecting the dating scene.

Navigating The Dating Scene With The #MeToo Movement

While the #MeToo movement has protected women against sexual harassment, men, in general, have become more nervous than usual when searching for a match. The dating scene has retracted many steps back because men who have good intentions are also afraid that their motives might be misconstrued. So how do you go about dating with this movement hovering over your heads?

1. Consider the person that you are interested in.

Look at the lady and observe. Is she worth pursuing? Do you want her for a hookup or is she somebody who might be a potential long-time partner?

2. Plan your advance and your retreat.

Now that you have considered the person, plan your moves. What do you think will work on her? Plus, do not plan while you are intoxicated. Usually alcohol can blur your judgment really bad. In case things go wrong, also think of how you can get out of the situation.

3. Move carefully and gradually.

Do not just rush into her personal space. Being respectful of another person’s boundaries, listen to what she’s saying, that can help you in your restraint. Respect is the premise and key.

4. Make sure about your next step.

Do not tread the waters of the dating scene lightly. Like a well-planned war strategy, take calculated steps until both of you become more comfortable with each other. As much as possible, hold off with the physical connection until you are sure that your feelings are reciprocated. And when she says no, stop right there.

While it seems that it may sound like paranoia, it is still best to act with prudence in the dating scene nowadays – this is the best dating tip you can follow. Your simple action can be misconstrued and that could lead to a legal action that can ruin your career and worse, your future. So don’t be hasty. For more tips, be sure to check the rest of our blog.