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Marry This Person To Have A Successful Career

A successful career can be a result of an individual’s winning personality and hard work. But, a new research suggests that it may not just be your personality that’s one of the key factors in your career success. Your promotion might have been made possible by your personality as well as your spouse’s.

Is My Spouse Responsible For My Successful Career?

Researchers from Washington University studied 4,544 married people to see if there’s a connection between their spouse’s personality and their job success. Participants had to answer a questionnaire with 36 items. The researchers divided the personality traits into five: openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness and neuroticism, which are the “Big Five” personality traits.

Individuals’ incomes, promotions, relationship satisfaction, relationship duration, sexual activity, a division of household labor, and other factors that influence one person’s relationship with their spouse were determined from the participants.

The Personality That Stood Out For Successful Career

From the data collected, the personality trait that stood out was conscientiousness. If a person is conscientious, he or she is thoughtful, is goal-directed, organized, mindful, and exhibit good control over impulses.

So according to the data collected, individuals who have a conscientious partner had higher levels of job satisfaction, higher income and a better chance of getting promoted. There are, of course, other factors that affect a person’s successful career, but ultimately, they will be more likely to get that promotion they been working hard for if their spouse possesses the mentioned personality trait.

How Is This Possible?

You’re probably thinking of how your spouse’s personality can do wonders for your career. Here are a few simple reasons.

A conscientious spouse will:

  • Understand when you’re working late
  • Help at home – do the chores, laundry and take care of the kids
  • Encourage you to be the best you can be

What Can We All Learn From This?

So your successful career is not successful because your spouse is helping you out with whatever task that you bring home from work. It’s about them creating the environment where you can be effective and efficient. If you marry someone who is conscientious, you’ll have less stress at home, be more focused when working on tasks, and feel appreciated for the hard work you’re doing for your family’s future.

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