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Seducing Is Life: Do You Love To Flirt?

Flirting is so natural that all living creatures do it. And it (mostly) comes so easy sometimes that we don’t even realize we are doing it. But why do we love to flirt so much? What makes flirting such a pleasurable activity for both men and women?

The Reasons We Love To Flirt

There are many different reasons why we enjoy flirting so much. Today we will have a look at the most important among them.

It’s what nature wants us to do. Have you seen male peacocks flirt? Why do you think male peacock has such a gorgeous plume if not to show it off and attract female attention? Likewise, we groom ourselves to the nines and go out there to show our best selves to attract the attention of our chosen girl, simply following our primal instinct telling us to do so.

It is super fun. If flirting wasn’t so much fun, people wouldn’t be doing it so much. The whole process of flirting may be intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, it will come naturally and reward you greatly. The give and take of flirting can be amusing. Finding the right girl to flirt can turn your night out from a boring affair to the best night you can imagine.

It’s good for our self-esteem. A successful flirt – meaning one that gets the desired response – can make a guy feel like a million dollars. There is no doubt that when a girl flirts back, you feel important and attractive. There is no better confidence boost than her smile when you chat her up or a positive response to something you said. The feeling is priceless every time.

It’s good for your mind, too. But it isn’t just your confidence that is enhanced through flirting. It has been found that when we flirt, our mind works full steam. This is because we need to come up with clever things to say really quickly, so our brain is forced to act really fast or we will seem boring and silly. So, flirting makes you smarter too.

For whatever reason we may flirt, the one thing that’s for sure is that we love to flirt so much that we are not likely to ever stop doing it. From the warm feeling we get when our object of desire responds well to flirting, to the satisfaction we get when we come up with a clever ice-breaker, flirting is so entertaining and heart-warming that everyone loves it.

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