Discover these 7 Wonders of Belarus

Minsk and other parts of Belarus make for an unorthodox but very rewarding tourist experience in Europe. A perfect mix of relatively few visitors, great scenery, plenty of sights, and low costs, make the country a wonderful place for a vacation. From beautiful castles and historic palaces to untamed nature, it is a country full of delightful surprises and a number of eligible members on AnastasiaDate.

Add these 7 Belarus sights to your must-see list:

Mir Castle – An ideal day out for history fans, the 16th century UNESCO-rated Mir Castle has plenty to enjoy. Located 90km south-west of Minsk, the magnificent castle is boosted by Italian-inspired gardens and a lake. The fine structure has undergone several upgrades during its long history including gothic, baroque and renaissance. Past owners include Duke Ilinich in the 1520’s and Mikolay Radziwill in 1565. The castle also played a role in the Napoleonic Wars.

Gomel Palace – A glorious 19th century estate located in the 2nd biggest city in Belarus. The 2-tier palace is situated in some prime countryside on the Sozh River. The neoclassical design was the work of Russian architect Ivan Starov, who carried out the project for Field Marshal Pyotr Rumyantsev and his family. It was later bought by Field Marshall Ivan Paskevich.

Berezinsky Nature Reserve – Take a trip round 85,000 hectares of forest, scrubland and wild flowers. Berezinsky Reserve has plenty going for hikers, hunters and wildlife lovers alike. With nearly 60 mammals and over 200 types of birds, this natural wonderland is sure to bring you lots of extra energy. You may even see one of the many creatures that roam here including elk, wild boar, bison, bears, and wolves.
Dudutki Museum – Travel 40km south of Minsk to the Pukhovichi district and visit the Dudutki Museum. It boasts lots of ancient craftwork and even includes a 19th century village, windmill, museum, farm, zoo and battle re-enactments. Once you’re finished sightseeing you can settle down in the onsite pub or enjoy a banya! It is folklore at its best and will bring you closer to Belarusian culture!

Governor’s Palace Vitebsk – Head out to Vitebsk and imagine living like an aristocrat at the famous Governor’s Palace. Built in 1772 on the Western Dvina River, it’s had a rich history including a succession of regional governors. It even played host to Napoleon when he was passing through.

Narochansky National Park – You are spoiled for choice when it comes to nature reserves in Belarus. The Narochanshky National Park and lake region is a lush area of wildlife and a great destination to unwind. Explore the territory of over 90,000 hectares including 40 reservoirs, pine forest and glorious landscape.

Minsk – Dating back to the 9th century, Minsk is the energetic capital of Belarus and the starting point from where you can explore the country. If you only stay in Minsk you’ll have plenty of sights to enjoy including Victory Square, Minsk Zoo, the Belarusian State Museum, and the National Opera and Ballet Theater. Dining out in Minsk is great on your wallet when compared with other parts of Europe. We recommend a table for 2 at restaurants Rakovsky Brovar and Traktir Na Parkovoj where you can try classic Belarusian dishes.

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