6 European Fairytales to Put a Spell on You…

Awaken your dreams with the storytelling traditions of Europe. Fairytales are full of inspiration when it comes to love and are certain to captivate you! Grab the chance to read about the love, magic and adventure that inspired your European match as a child.

Once upon a time…

1Snegurochka (The Snow Maiden): An enduring fairytale about a soulful lady made of snow who yearns for romantic love.



2Vasilisa the Beautiful





3Ruslan & Ludmila: A classic tale from Pushkin involving a wicked wizard, a lady in need of rescue and real courage.




4The Golden Slipper: A charmed fish, the devotion of a prince, and a magic shoe that fits makes this a gripping tale.




5The Wonderful Birch: A magical tree, grown from her mother’s bones, leads a girl into the arms of a prince.




6The Firebird: A noble quest to discover the world’s most magical bird – which reveals the heart of a stunning princess!



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