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Does Chatting Every day Lead To Dating?

You’ve met someone truly interesting online and you have been chatting every day ever since. As much as we would like to assume that this might be the chance at love you are looking for, we shouldn’t. Everyone knows that today’s dating scene can be complicated at times, so you never want to assume anything.

Chatting Every Day Could Indicate Romantic Interest

When you think about it, the simplest answer to your question would be yes. Why would a lady you’ve just met continue to send you messages if she is not interested? Good point, but you still don’t want to assume. It’s possible that she might just be bored or lonely. On the other hand, if the person you are chatting with do the following, then you may be heading to date night soon:

She Gets Personal

When a lady opens up about her personal life or family life to you, it means that she is comfortable sharing this information. By extension, it could mean that she is comfortable with you too and that she trusts you.

You’re Chatting Every Day About Random Stuff

There’s so much to talk about when you are chatting with someone online. But, most of the time, you talk about things that are so random yet interesting. For example, let’s say the lady shares with you a story about a vendor in the supermarket that looks like you. It’s random and out there, but interesting and thoughtful.

Your Flirty Messages Are Reciprocated

Definitely, you will be sending some flirty vibes to the person because you like her. When she likes you back, she will not shut you down or ignore your flirty messages. Instead, she will quickly pick up on your tone and then reciprocate with her own flirty responses. If you haven’t flirted with her yet, it’s definitely time to do so.

So, the bottom line is chatting every day doesn’t necessarily mean that one person is into you. It’s about how that person chats with you that’s a good indicator. For more dating and relationship tips, read other posts on the blog.