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What Will A Real Man Answer When Asked “Why Do You Love Me?”

When your lady asks, “Why do you love me?” do you usually panic? Don’t worry because most guys do too. Keep in mind that she is not asking because she feels like you don’t love her enough. Sometimes, women just want to hear men express their love from their own lips. But, how would a real man answer this question? You don’t want to mess up your lady’s mood by saying the wrong thing.

A Real Man Will Have A Lot To Say About The Girl He Loves

First of all, don’t get nervous. But, just in case you are at loss for words, review the following suggestions and see which line fits your situation the best:

1. “I love you because you’re not afraid of showing your true self.”

This one is a compliment. You’re telling her that you see who she really is and that you love her for being her true self. It’s hard to be vulnerable around people, sometimes, but you’re saying that you admire her for putting her guard down around you and others.

2. “You feel like home to me.”

Your girl will definitely love hearing this. It tells her that you feel comfortable around her. It’s like saying that your life won’t be complete without her.

3. “You see right through me. You love me for who I am.”

It’s a great feeling to have when you know that your partner is him or herself around you. Saying this line will make your lady realize that you know how much she cares for you.

4. “I love you because you make me a better person.”

Your wife or girlfriend will feel so much better when she hears that she is helping you to be a better person. Through this line, it’s like you are appreciating her and what she does for your relationship.

A real man knows how to express love and affection towards the lady he cares about deeply. Just be truthful, honest, and sincere. Once you are, your lady will feel how much you really love her. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.