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How to Evaluate Your Relationship

While there are no set in stone criteria that would help you evaluate your relationship, experts acknowledge that creating a healthy space for a partnership is one of the most challenging aspects that life has to offer in today’s environment.

Easy Tips To Evaluate Your Relationship

With divorce being the rule rather than the exception, many people are wondering if there will ever be a balance in the struggle between the genders for balance and contentment in relationships. There are some indicators you can use to evaluate your relationship with your significant other. Some key criteria you can use and questions you can ask are the following:

Does this relationship enhance your life or does it alter it?

Do you respect each other’s ideas and beliefs?

Do you respect the person’s dreams and aspirations and not put them down?

Is this relationship intellectually stimulating?

Do you accept each other for how you are now without trying to change each other?

Is there a genuine appreciation for the person, is that expressed and felt all the time?

Does this relationship allow each of you to evolve and grow separately and together as a couple?

Answering these questions can help when you are evaluating the quality of a relationship.

Explanation Of Your Answers

Relationships that are healthy enhance each person’s life. There is sometimes the misconception that by becoming a couple, each person has the right to alter the other’s life. People should not have to change their lives completely after they have made a decision to couple. Of course changes happen when you transform from being a single person to a person in a relationship. But expecting people to change their whole lives for the sake of the relationship is an unrealistic expectation.

Respecting each others ideas and belief is essential for a healthy relationship to blossom. Where there is mutual respect for each other there is also a space for a healthy relationship. Honoring the other person’s belief system and permitting those to be voiced in a relationship is crucial for a relationship to grow.

Closely tied to this is respecting the other person’s dreams and aspirations, and not putting them down no matter what you might think of them. Putting down the dreams and aspirations of another person can be potentially damaging in a relationship.

Another question to ask, as you’ve already seen, is if the relationship is intellectually stimulating. Does it allow for each person to grow intellectually, it their physical compatibility? Are there things that you try to force the other person to change about themselves?

These are important yardsticks to measure the quality of a relationship against. Expressing genuine appreciation towards another person on a daily basis is also a sign that the relationship is healthy and not taken for granted. Above all, recognizing that each person in the relationship also needs space for them to grow as individuals and allow that space is crucial for a healthy relationship.

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