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The Best Way To Do New Year’s Resolutions

Many of us are living breathing testaments to New Year’s resolutions not working. Well, not all of us, of course, because some do follow through with what they vowed to do at the beginning of the year. But, for us who have fallen short of completing our New Year’s resolution list, there’s still hope.

Most of us have probably already given up on making a resolutions list, but there may be a better way. Here’s an AnastasiaDate review of more effective ways to execute New Year’s resolutions.

More Effective Means Of Carrying Out New Year’s Resolutions

First off, we need to know that we don’t have to wait for New Year to start on these resolutions. Second, these suggestions are more creative ways of “sneaking in” the resolutions into our daily routines. We obviously cannot cover all of the resolutions any human could have, but this AnastasiaDate review stuck to the ones that are most common:

1. Lose Weight

Losing weight is most commonly on New Year’s resolution lists. You cannot lose weight without working hard in the gym and sticking to a healthy diet, but you can work in tiny steps towards your goal. Here’s one that you can do with ease. Buy a big water bottle. Fill it up with water and bring it with you every time you leave your house. Take sips every hour to curb your appetite.

2. Read More

This one is a bit more difficult than buying a big water bottle. You have to make a habit out of allotting one hour before your bedtime to read a book. You don’t have to finish the book. You can read one chapter at a time if you prefer but start somewhere.

3. More Free Time

You know what’s eating up your time? It’s likely social media or Facebook. You’ll have plenty of free time on your hands if you put your phone down or shut your computer off for one or two hours a day. During that time, you can do whatever – garden, ride a bike or start some other passion project.

You probably have a longer New Year’s resolution list than this one. It’s up to you to think of creative ways to “sneak” whatever you have on your list into your daily routine. Don’t forget to try something new like scuba diving or online dating. If it’s online dating you want to try, you can start on You’ll find more AnastasiaDate reviews on our blog.