Why You Need To Put Lithuania On Your Travel List

Travelers who are visiting Eastern Europe usually skip Lithuania because it is the southernmost country out of the three Baltic States. But, this charming East European destination deserves to be on your travel list for a number of reasons.

put Lithuania on your travel list

3 Reasons Why Lithuania Should Be On Your Travel List

A trip to Lithuania will probably be one of the most unforgettable you will have. This country has its own charm that comes from the seamless merger of its natural wonders and its urban amenities. It’s also one place in Eastern Europe with remaining traces of the soviet era. To be more specific, here are three reasons why you need to include Lithuania on your travel list:

1. The Hill Of Crosses

In Šiauliai, north-central Lithuania, you will find a man-made monument of crosses. It will definitely catch your attention because it looks a hill made up of an infinite number of crosses. You’ll find crosses of different sizes and designs. Some even have a picture on them and personal messages. These crosses have been left by those undertaking a pilgrimage and visitors.

Hill Of Crosses Lithuania

2. Vilnius

Vilnius is the capital and largest city in Lithuania. It’s full of courtyards, cobbled streets, and baroque architecture. In fact, it is Europe’s largest baroque capital and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You shouldn’t miss visiting St. Anne’s Church and taking a picture at the Gates of Dawn.

3. Trakai Historical National Park

If you’re coming from the capital, Trakai Historical National Park is about 30km away. It’s one of the most popular day-trips you can take. There you will get to see the castle in the middle of the lake. Visitors can cross a footbridge that leads to the restored island castle which is now the Trakai History Museum.

Trakai History Museum Lithuania

Of course, there are more reasons why Lithuania should be on your travel list. The best part about visiting this hidden gem is it won’t break your bank. Those who have traveled to Lithuania say that it is much cheaper than the rest of the Baltic countries.

There is so much to explore when you are in Lithuania. The country is picturesque and, not to mention, the food is flavorful and delicious. Check what your schedule’s like because you might want to book a flight early after reading this post. You can read more about Eastern Europe’s charming destinations on our blog. You will also find posts about the Eastern European culture as well as dating tips here.