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How Does Eastern Europe Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

In specific countries in Asia, people celebrate Valentine’s Day in an unusual way. In Japan and Korea, for example, it is the ladies’ obligation to buy chocolates and tiny gifts to give to the men in their lives. The roles reverse a month after when it is the gentleman’s turn to do the buying and wooing. It may be strange to us, but it is a tradition to the Asian countries mentioned. Have you ever wondered if there are similar unusual Valentines Day traditions in Eastern Europe? We’re going to find out today.

Different Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day In Eastern Europe

Like the unusual practices of specific Asian countries, specific Eastern European countries also their unique way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. And, it’s nothing like going on a date with or receiving flowers and chocolates.


Worldwide, February 14th is known as a day to celebrate love. But, in Slovenia, it is a day to work the fields. “Zdravko” or St Valentine, is one of Slovenia’s patron saints of spring. When his day comes, it’s the right moment to work the fields and the vineyards. Or at least it used to be. Slovenians follow their saying that St Valentine brings the keys of roots, meaning that nature is ready to awaken. Don’t worry about celebrating the day of love because in Slovenia it is celebrated on March 12th, on St Gregory’s Day.


In Estonia, they do celebrate Valentine’s Day, but it’s less about love and more about friendship. February 14th is known as Sõbrapäev which translates to “Friends’ Day”. Everyone in different communities in Estonia participates in this celebration. Much like how Valentines is celebrated in the West, Estonians decorate their houses and places of business with bright colored ribbons, signs and stickers. They also have music festivals and markets to commemorate the day.


Last Eastern European country on this list is Romania. Instead of celebrating the day of love on February 14th, Romania celebrates it 10 days after. On February 24th, the “Dragobete” festival is celebrated. It is treated as a day for lovers as well as a day that marks the beginning of spring. Traditionally, boys and girls from a community will pick flowers together. There are also a number of beliefs that lovers practice during Dragobete. One is when a lover steps on the toes of his or her partner on the day of Dragobete to make him or her the dominant person in the relationship.

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