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You Are Doing This Every Day And It’s Destroying Your Relationship

In relationships that have been going on for a while, it is common to have arguments over the smallest of things. If you have an argument about something very silly and trivial and you can’t fathom what’s really brought it on, it may be that there are other, deeper causes for it. Read about some of the mistakes you may be making in your everyday life that are destroying your relationship little by little.

How Are These Habits Destroying Your Relationship

When the first period of your relationship is over, it is easy to make certain mistakes unbeknownst to you, really thinking they are perfectly alright and not realizing they may be the cause for much of the friction in your relationship.

Not giving yourself alone time

Being in a relationship is time-consuming and you will, of course, enjoy being with her. While it may be true that you need to spend time together and experience things in common, it is also vital that you save some time for yourself. Being consumed in a relationship is wrong because it essentially changes who you are and it deprives you of the air you need to breathe. Not having time to yourselves can cause bitterness and resentment, so leave some time aside for you and only you.

Making her spend too much time with your friends

Another relationship problem related to what you do with your time arises when you insist on both of you spending big chunks of it with your mates. As we said earlier, saving time for you is a must, so you can hang out with your friends during that time. Of course, it isn’t bad to invite her along sometimes and hang out together. However, you should remember that, as much as you love your friends, she is not just a friend – she is your girlfriend, and you should be devoting time to her too.

Not really listening

It is easy to make this mistake. As we get to know our other half we might feel we know enough and stop listening. Could be down to tiredness after a log day at work, could be because you’ve heard some of it before, or simply because you don’t want to hear her complaints or criticism, but blocking her out is wrong. It is disrespectful and she will notice if you keep doing it, so while it may be (barely) OK that you pretend to be listening once in a while; if it happens frequently it is bound to eat away at your relationship.

Criticizing her in front of others

This is really big no. No matter what she has done, how wrong she may have been and how annoying you may be feeling, you should never put her down in public. Keep your criticism and advice for when you are alone, as belittling her in front of others – even your closest of people – will create an ugly gap between you. You should be united and act as a strong team. Members of a  team don’t turn against one another, they cover for each other.

Now that you know about these small but significant relationship mistakes, you can stop destroying your relationship and start fortifying it by making small steps every single day.

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