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Words To Include In A Successful Online Dating Profile

We always try to demystify secrets to online dating for you. And in our pursuit, many researches surface. Some of them show different dating techniques that can be applied to get more responses, make you seem more attractive, and have a successful online dating profile.

To Have A Successful Online Dating Profile You Must Write This

Of course, we want to word our successful online dating profile correctly. However, it’s not just about saying all the right things. One research has found that using specific words can actually make your profile more attractive. What the researchers did was analyze successful dating profiles of both men and women, then found common words within them.

For Women

Based on the research, a woman’s attention is easily caught when they read the following words on your dating profile:

  • 6ft
  • Family
  • Dogs
  • Dinner
  • Beard
  • Travel
  • Music
  • Relationship
  • Gym
  • Car

For Men

As for attracting men, you should be including the following words in your dating profile to turn heads:

  • Love
  • Drink
  • Music
  • LOL
  • Gym
  • Coffee
  • Blue eyes
  • Beer
  • Foodie

The researchers were not clear regarding the explanation behind why these words are attractive. However, it hints at the kind of lifestyle you may have. For example, if you’re a man and you wrote, “I love having dinner with my family and walking my dogs at the beach,” it possibly means that you’re kind.

If you are a lady and you say something like, “There are only two things I love to do during the weekend – drink coffee and explore different flavors. I love being a foodie.” It’s going to tell whoever is reading your dating profile that you are outgoing and love to try new things.

How To Use The Words Correctly

Come time to write or re-write your dating profile, remember that you don’t have to cram all of the words in it. You have to write naturally. Also, make sure that the words really do represent a part of your lifestyle. You can’t just say “gym” on your dating profile if you’re not into it. For more tips on online dating, be sure to read other posts on the blog.