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Words Of Affirmation Your Online Date Needs To Feel Secure

Whenever we connect with someone we truly find interesting online, it’s a nice gesture to express words of affirmation to this person to make him or her feel secure. With online relationships, it’s sometimes tricky to be certain of the other person’s feelings or intentions because you can’t really observe the person’s body language to know what he or she isn’t saying.

Words Of Affirmation Your Online Date Should Hear Often

Affirmations are positive statements that make people feel good. They aim to counteract a person’s negative thoughts. When you are already sure about your online date, then you can tell him or her these words of affirmation that deliver a better sense of security:

1. I’m glad to know you.

When you tell your online date that you are glad to know him or her, it makes them feel that they have added value into your life. It’s just like you saying that he or she is making you happy. It will warm your date’s heart.

2. You’re a good person.

This phrase has to be said in the right time. If you just blurt it out, it’s going to seem insincere. What’s great with this line is that it will make your date feel like you have already looked passed most of the superficial things like looks or social status. And, that you appreciate everything inside your date has to offer – his or her personality, life values, and the like.

3. You deserve the best.

Sometimes, it’s just nice to hear these words. We are our own worst enemy. Your date most likely has this mindset too. When we hear these words from other people, we feel encouraged and valued. When we hear it from someone we are falling for, we feel inspired to be the best versions of ourselves.

Words Of Affirmation Should Be Sincere

Remember that you should only speak these words of affirmation if you know that your online date is someone you want to be in a long-term relationship with. Never say the sentences above if you don’t want something serious. For more relationship and dating tips, read other posts on the blog.