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If You Don’t Do This, You’re Going To Miss Your Chance For A Date

Whenever we meet someone through a dating site or a dating app, we take our time in chatting with this person. We need to establish a good connection first before we actually ask the person out on a real date. But, how long should we wait before missing on our chance for a date?

Use This Time Frame So You Never Miss A Chance For A Date

Actually, there aren’t any established rules for when you need to ask someone out after chatting for a while online. But, there is a rule of thumb. Experts say that the most ideal time would be two to seven days. This time frame was taken from a data provided by a dating app, which said that 95% of people on their database meet within the mentioned time frame.

There are exceptions, of course. For example, if you’re here and your chat-mate is miles away, like in Europe. Or, if you’re the type who’s so busy that you have to plan things in advance. In both of these cases, you can meet your online date whenever you have the time or finances to visit him or her.

Ideally, however, you can follow the two to seven days time frame. If you’re really interested in someone and if you have the time, why wait, right?

How To Ask Out Your Online Date

If the circumstances permit, don’t miss your chance for a date by asking to meet someone you’ve met online. Try out the following tips to help you do this:

1. Look For A Connection

Before anything else, you need to have a connection with the person you want to meet. Watch out for that connection when you are chatting. You don’t want to just say that you want to meet up when you haven’t really talked about anything yet.

2. Drop Hints

As you are chatting with the person, drop some hints like, “You know, this conversation would be better while we have coffee, don’t you think?”

3. Ask

When your online date’s response to your hints is positive, grab that chance for a date and ask!

Don’t wait anymore, especially if you think that there’s a chance for you and the person you’re chatting with to have something special. For more dating tips, read other posts on the blog.