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Things That Offend Russian Women

Russian women are one of the most alluring and beautiful women on earth. They are the type of women who love to doll themselves up and make sure that they are ultra-pretty, and their figures are not to be overlooked either. These women take special care to ensure that they are in tip-top shape. So it is only practical that you find out how not to offend Russian women to ensure your chances for dating them are not ruined by simple slip-ups. Here are a few things that offend these goddess-like beauties that you ought to steer clear of.

If You Do This, You’ll Offend Russian Women

Whistling indoors

Russia is an old nation with an old culture. This equates to a nation that has quite a bit of superstition that they believe in. And one of these superstitions that would get on the nerves of any Russian, for that matter, is whistling indoors. The superstition explains that when a person whistles indoors, that person will lose money, end up broke. And regardless of who loses the money, Russians simply hate anything related to losing money. So even if it was you whistling, this is sure to offend any Russian in your company at the moment.

Forgetting a token for your host

In Russia, it is a mandatory protocol that if you come to visit someone’s home, you bring a token for the host. This may be a simple and small gift, and does not necessarily have to be expensive. It is a common and expected courtesy of you as a visitor. This might offend both your host (which would most likely be your Russian girlfriend’s family) and by extension, your Russian girl. Remember, you are trying to make a good impression so try to make sure you don’t offend her with your first gesture.

Licking the Knife

Okay, this may not be acceptable in any etiquette book in any culture. But most especially in Russia. Nothing would offend a Russian lady more during a meal than you licking anything off your knife. This is due to the association made with this gesture to cruelty. Apparently, licking the knife shows off how proud you are of a kill and that you loved the savagery of the act. So, despite Russian women’s attraction to the strong alpha hunter complex, this is stepping over a big red line.

Not being Chivalrous

Ladies in Russia respond to gentlemanly gestures quite nicely. They love it and would score you points to win the beauty over. But be wary. This gentlemanly attitude should not be limited to only her. You are expected to be a perfect gentleman to everyone else, stranger or not. And most especially, she will expect you to be the knight who gives up his seat to an elderly lady or a pregnant woman. You are also expected to assist a disabled person when the need arises. But fret not. It’s not a lot of work since doing such acts of kindness will not only be rewarded by winning your lady friend over but also will score you major points for karma. Remember, what goes around, comes around.

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