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These Gestures Will Make Ukrainian Woman Feel Special

Once you’ve found a Ukrainian woman who makes you look forward to waking up every day,  it’s time to step up your game. You may be thousand miles away from each other and you may or may not be in a relationship right now but since you’ve shown interest and kept that line of communication open, you can definitely crank things up a notch by doing these three gestures that will make your Ukrainian woman feel special.

Your Ukrainian Woman Will Be Happy If You Do This

1. She’ll love the surprise gifts.

In this kind of relationship, it’s important that you accept the distance that’s between the both of you. Thanks to advances in technology, the distance doesn’t seem that bad because you can chat, text, video conference and etc. This, however, still does not make up for the physical absence. On top of all the communication that you’re doing, the next best thing that you can do to alleviate her longing for your presence is to surprise her with a physical object that you can send via mail or via the gift service on the dating site you are using (if you are signed up to one).

SAFE gifts options to consider:

  1. Flowers – this is always a popular gift for any lady. Just remember to double check the Ukrainian customs for giving out flowers.
  2. A stuffed animal – yes, it’s corny but that stuffed animal could be your temporary substitute. She will definitely think of you whenever she sees it.
  3. Chocolates – need we say more? Chocolates. Everybody loves them!

You can also think of other gifts that are outside of the box. Better yet, since it’s you who knows your Ukrainian woman better, check for hints in her letters or messages to you.

2. Hand-written letters.

There’s nothing that says “romantic” more than hand-written love letters. We know, we know… email and chat are here so why bother? Let us stop you there for a sec and let’s think about it. Sending a hand-written love letter to Ukraine will take up a bit of your time and effort. Yes, it’s true but think about how special your Ukrainian woman will feel when she thinks about what you had to go through to send her this letter.

If you do not have her address, you can ask for it but it’ll give the whole surprise away. It would be better if you go through the dating website you met her in. They probably have a mailing service that you can use – pay the fee and wait for her to receive it.

3. Give her enough attention.

Your time and attention are probably the best things that you can give to your Ukrainian woman. Be online when you say that you will be online. Schedule as much time with her online as your time permits. Pay her compliments when you’re having a conversation. Tell her that you missed her in the few short hours that you haven’t talked. You get what we mean.

Just do not overdo it. It could come off as cheesy and desperate, and you don’t want to be associated with that kind of features.

Ukrainian Woman Needs You To Be Invested

In case you didn’t notice, our 3 tips have a pattern and that pattern is to really show her that you are invested in the relationship or potential relationship.

We’re hoping that our tips will be helpful in your pursuit to find the Ukrainian woman of your dreams. For more tips and dating advice, check the rest of our blog.