The Ukrainian Domovik: Embracing Your Personal Demon


Every culture and heritage has its own folklore and mythology, passed down through decades or even centuries, and the myths of Ukraine are no exception. Rooted in what bears a strong resemblance to contemporary ideals of religion, as well as paganism, there are origin stories and myths alike that have vibrant lives in Ukrainian imaginations to this day.

One of the strongest is belief in the domovik, or house spirit/demon. In Ukrainian culture, spirits are everywhere, but this is not to imply some sort of obsession with the paranormal or detachment from reality. Rather, it is borne of a deep respect for one’s surroundings, wherein even nature is seen as alive. People have to interact with their settings, and they see the various aspects of their natural environment as being inhabited by beings who maintain order.

In forested areas, people believe in the forest spirit, or lisovyk. In areas where there are few forests, the lisovyk is seldom mentioned, but there is talk of water beings—the vodianyk and rusalky, who are spirits of the drowned (especially women and children).


While those entities are specifically associated with surroundings in nature, the domovik is a house spirit who is said to dwell within your home. The domovik is there to guard and protect the household and its occupants. However, their masters have to treat them with great respect in order to maintain a good relationship with them.

These beings are essentially benign as long as humans behave properly, but legend has it that if one doesn’t treat their domovik well, their more mischievous and downright dangerous demonic side might come to the surface. Some even refer to them as “goblins.”

The domovik often pays nocturnal visits to its masters and can forewarn them of upcoming difficulties or troubles. When a domovik visits, the master can have a suffocating feeling, at which point the master/victim is supposed to ask, “Is it [this nocturnal visit] for the cause of good or bad?” The answer will hold some information about their future, whether positive or negative.

The domovik is considered a lower spiritual being, in the Slavic belief system that is often divided into two categories. Higher beings would include gods and goddesses who are in charge of natural forces and particular spheres of life. Lower spirits, like the domovik, are in charge of small areas and territories.

While there are all sorts of stories of paranormal visits out there, few have the specificity, enduring charm, and simultaneous terror of the domovik. The rich cultural imagination of ancestral Ukrainian pagans has created a character that one would do well to honor and respect. If your domovik should come to you tonight, make it a respectful encounter that might hold insight for your future—you never know what upcoming challenge or accomplishment your house spirit will fill you in on.