The Top Drinks From Eastern Europe

When you get to these destinations, you’re going to want to go to the hottest bars, meet the hottest women, and sample the best drinks. Along with great food, Eastern Europe has some of the best alcoholic beverages in the world. Below is a list of the spirits you must have during your visit.

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Eastern Europe’s most popular drinks:

1. Vodka  “Expensive vodkas made in Poland and Russia are far too noble to be mixed into a cocktail. They should be drunk straight, ice-cold (store good vodka in the freezer, it won’t freeze) and in a single gulp.“


2. Bulgarian Rakia  “Bulgaria has a flourishing wine industry and beer is coming into its own, but rakia is considered the national drink.”

3. Serbian Vruca Rakija  “Rakija is typically as clear as water and drunk at room temperature or cold but, when simmered with caramelized sugar and water to become a potent hot drink (vruca rakija) for Christmas Eve, it develops an amber color. “


4. Polish Egg Brandy Recipe – Likier Jajeczny  “This recipe for Polish egg brandy or likier jajeczny is ready to drink in four days and is best served ice cold. You can freeze the leftover egg whites and use them in leftover egg white recipes.”

5. Hot Mulled Wine Recipe  “This recipe for Polish hot mulled wine is known asgrzaniec galicyjski (grrzzah-NYETS gah-leet-see-I-skee).Grzane is the word for “mulled” and galicyjski means “Galician.” The wino(wine) is implied. It’s similar to German gluhwein, Frenchvin chaud, and Swedishglogg.”

6. Polish Eggnog Recipe – Kogel Mogel  “This recipe for Polish “eggnog” or kogel mogel (gogel mogel in Yiddish) is more of a dessert than a drink and can be made with or without alcohol. This dish dates to 17th-century Jewish communities in Central Europe, but it gained a resurgence in popularity during the Communist era of the 1980s when sweets were hard to come by.”

7. Ukrainian Pepper Vodka Recipe – Peperivka  “Spicing vodka, whiskey or bourbon with peppers is an old tradition in the Ukraine. Spiced vodka or peperivka is a beverage and a flavoring ingredient, especially for Ukrainian sausage known as kovbasa.”

pepper vodka

8. Honey-Spiced Vodka Recipe – Polish Krupnik  “Honeyed vodka or krupnik (KRROOP-neek), served hot or cold, is a favorite among Poles. And, since it’s steeped in aromatic spices, less than top-shelf vodka will do just fine. “

9. Polish Cordial or Nalewka  “Many recipes are closely guarded secrets, passed down from generation to generation. The type of spirit used renders them either benign concoctions of about 40 to 45% alcohol or knock-your-socks off varieties as strong as 75% alcohol.”