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Taking A Step Back Isn’t Good For Your Relationship

Whenever a conflict arises in our relationship, we mostly take a step back just to cool things down. This isn’t a bad move to make if you’re going to go back and resolve the issue. However, if taking a step back means that you’re going to pull away totally, you are leaving your relationship at risk.

Taking A Step Back Is A Risky Move To Make In A Relationship

It’s nothing new to say that we, sometimes, play games in our relationship. For example, when a conflict arises, we give our partner the silent treatment. Other common game playing tactics include not replying to chat messages and not receiving calls.

In most cases, we deliberately do this so we can feel like we have some control over the situation. Of course, when a couple fights, each side has to prove a point. Each side wants to be understood by the other. However, the means by which we think we can achieve this is by playing mind games.

Why Pulling Away Is Detrimental

The silent treatment, or other tactics used to control the situation, may work once or twice. But, we need to understand that we are putting a dent in our connection with our partner. These could be the effects of pulling away:

  • Unresolved feelings which could result in random bursts of anger.
  • Your partner may bring up the issue in a future fight.
  • Resentment builds up.
  • The lines of communication become brittle.
  • The problem (together with the emotions that came along with it) is left hanging.

Taking A Breather Is Not Bad

Whenever an argument arises, taking a breather is actually a good idea. It’s a way for you to collect your thoughts and allow your anger to simmer down. You have to think of taking a step back as a short break. Correct your thinking that it is a means for you to gain control, thinking that your partner will apologize or that the issue will just be swept under a rug.

When you feel ready, talk to your partner about the issue. This is a healthier approach than withdrawing and thinking that things will just work themselves out. For more dating tips and relationship advice, read other posts on the blog.