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What To Do When You Stumble Upon A Fake Profile

Safety is the number one factor that people neglect in successful online dating, and we at Anastasia Date are aware of that. Yes, in order for you to say that you’re successfully online dating, you have to keep yourself safe. You can find a fake profile all over online dating sites, and you can never be too careful. Nobody wants to get scammed into believing in anything that aims to deceive people.

Anastasia Date Helps You With Spotting And Reporting

Well, today, maybe we can all be reminded of how important it is to know how to spot a fake dating profile and what you need to do when you do spot one.

Signs Of A Fake Profile

Grammatical errors – not everyone has perfect grammar but you at least have to have a good grasp of it to make sentences that are understandable.

The profile has one photo and it looks like a model – fake dating profiles usually have just one photo uploaded. It could be that the person doesn’t have time to upload new photos. Also, it is suspicious if the photo looks familiar – like you’ve already seen it somewhere.

Suspicious links – one sure sign that you might have come across a fake dating profile is if the profile has weird links that bring users to another website, or, worse, download a program that hacks into someone’s computer.

Doesn’t want to upload new pics – of course, you can ask for new pictures to be uploaded into their profile, but this person doesn’t seem to want to upload new pictures. There’s always an excuse – one after another.

What To Do

There are more signs, of course, but if you come across any of the signs listed above, stop corresponding with the person.

Do not click on any links the person sends to you.

Report the profile to the dating site you’re on immediately.

Block the person if you can.

If the fake dating profile is still contacting you, it would be best to ignore the person and let the dating site know.

Anastasia Date always looks after its clients, and you can always contact us if you have more questions about this topic. Also, feel free to visit our blog regularly for more advice about dating and fun posts including lifestyle, travel, love, relationships and many other.