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What’s Stopping You From Communicating Effectively

You would think that communication is something that comes easy. Once a woman talks to you, and you listen and reply accordingly, then that’s communication. Actually, it requires so much more than just the stages mentioned. You might be surprised that a lot of people find communicating effectively difficult.

Communicating Effectively Can Improve Or Restore Relationships

However you think you’re communicating, if it doesn’t improve your relationships, then you’re not doing it right. This is one way to see if your communication skills are on point. If you think otherwise, it could be because of the following reasons:

1. Stress Or Out Of Control Emotions

When we are filled with so many emotions, we have trouble focusing . We cannot deal with the issue at hand or we cannot listen properly because we are bothered by what we feel. Emotions and stress will always be there, but if we know how to manage them, we can effectively communicate.

2. You’re Too Distracted

Is your phone ringing? Do you have that one email at the back of your mind? If you’re too distracted, then how can communicating effectively take place? Be more focused, or better yet, eliminate those that distract you.

3. Inconsistent Body Language

You have to walk the talk. If your actions do not match what you just said, then it’s a sign that you weren’t paying attention at all. Your body language can say a lot about how you’re currently feeling. Always mean what you say.

Starting today, you have to improve your communication skills. Don’t just listen. You have to be in the moment and you have to be focused. Let the other person speak. Allow your conversation to be a contribution of ideas rather than a domination of your own thoughts and words. For more tips on self-improvement as well as dating, read other posts on the blog.