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Situationship, We’ve All Been In One, But Hadn’t Realized It

If you’ve heard of the term situationship, don’t worry – it’s only because we’re talking about a relatively new term. This is a word we needed badly without even realizing it.

What’s A Situationship?

If you are having trouble defining what you have when you’re dating someone and doing some of the things couples do, yet don’t feel like introducing her as your “partner”, you probably have what is now known as a “situationship”. If you’re still not sure that this is what you have, here are more details.

What Are The Signs Of A Situationship?

Sign #1: Your toothbrush is in her house or hers is in yours. If you’ve left personal items at each other’s place, it is a clear sign you’re going back. Which is a sign there’s more than a casual, one-night stand there.

Sign #2: Preferring to communicate via Whatsapp and Messenger rather than talking on the phone. A sign you ARE communicating, but don’t exactly feel the need to hear each other’s voice.

Sign #3: It’s known it’s not all about sex, even though neither has actually said it. When you know from the way you act around each other that the relationship (the situationship, to be precise) is not merely a physical thing, but there are real feelings involved; despite the fact you aren’t sure it’s love.

Sign #4: Not being comfortable answering your friends’ questions about the reasons why it’s not a proper relationship. You’re probably saying there is no reason to put labels on it. And you believe it (maybe).

Sign #5: You only make plans for the very near future (like next week). Neither dares make plans for summer holidays together or anything remotely serious. ‘Cos that’s what people in relationships do.

Sign #6: You kind of miss her when you’re not together. But there’s no way you’re telling her because you’re still unsure of your feelings. You wouldn’t want to spoil what you have anyway.

Sign #7: Enjoying your freedom to do whatever you want, but not wanting to date anyone else. You like the fact you can hang out with your mates and answer to no one, but even though you’re entitled to flirt and sleep with whoever you want, you are fine dating only her.

If, indeed, you’re in a situationship, enjoy it while it lasts. One thing is certain, as with all undefined things and things that hang in the balance,  it will change.

Sooner or later, this will either develop into a full-on relationship or it will end as soon as one of you moves on to something more serious. In any case, always make sure to be honest with yourself and her about your feelings and expectations so there won’t be any regrets later on.

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