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Early Signs That Say New Relationship Won’t Work Out

When we get into a new relationship, we experience an all-time high. We get ecstatic about the prospects in this new partnerships. This “high” we experience every time we enter a new relationship is called the honeymoon phase. We often feel like things will be wonderful forever, but we all know that, sometimes, things don’t turn out the way we plan.

New Relationship Won’t Work If You Spot These Signs At The Beginning

Of course, nobody goes into a relationship without the thought of bringing it forward into the future. However, plenty of things can happen. We could find out that our partner never wanted something serious. Or, we might have fallen out of love with our partner after the honeymoon phase. It’s a sad truth, but not all new relationships work out.

There are actually signs for us to watch out for if we want to know early on if our new relationship will survive:

1. No discussions about the future.

This is your first red flag – there is absolutely no discussion about where your relationship is going. When you bring up the subject, your partner will immediately change the topic or will not tackle the topic in a direct manner.

2. There are critical incompatibilities.

Sometimes, incompatibility is not a big deal. But, if you can’t seem to agree on big things, it becomes a problem. For example, you don’t see eye to eye with your partner on topics about money or children.

3. Long-distance relationships with no concrete plans.

A lot of couples go into long-distance relationships, thinking that their love and attraction alone can bring them through. It’s tough enough when you are together, but how about when you’re in an entirely different country?

A new relationship is all about getting to know each other and determining whether you can move on. If you are far away from each other, it is challenging to fulfill these tasks. So, you’d have to have a concrete plan on how to go about things. If your relationship doesn’t have a structure and a plan of action to stay connected, it’s not going to work out eventually.

4. Different priorities.

In a relationship, two different people bring in their personalities, attitudes, behavior, backgrounds, and of course, priorities. If you cannot seem to reach a compromise in your priorities, then probably nothing will change in the future.

Most of the items on this list are like hard pills to swallow because we’re always hopeful that things might just be permanent with our partner. There’s hope though – you can talk your differences with your partner out but he or she has to be willing to work on things for your new relationship to survive. For more tips on dating, read our blog.