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Should You Be More Vulnerable On A Date?

It is a universally accepted truth that not all people are the same. One of the things setting us apart is how open we choose to be in our relationships with others. Some of us tend to be more introverted, while others feel comfortable trusting people right away. Have you ever thought that in your search for a life partner you may not be as vulnerable on a date as you should?

This Is How To Tell If You’re Vulnerable On A Date Or Not

Being open with people we know is hard enough, so it’s only natural to be even more reserved with people that we hardly know. As we grow, life teaches us to put up walls and hide our emotions to avoid further heartache. Especially those of us coming from recent or very hurtful experiences will be even more reluctant to put our trust on a stranger. So, how do you know if you are being too careful, then? These are some of the most common signs:

You Always Expect The Worst

If you assume that the person you are dating is going to screw you over sooner or later, you may believe that you are saving yourself from eventual pain by not trusting them but,  in reality, you are not giving that person a real chance to prove their worth. What’s the use of dating someone you don’t believe in?

You Avoid Questions

When you’re on a date, do you answer to his/ her questions in an honest and open way, or do you measure every word, try to avoid giving out more personal information and change the subject when you feel that you’re about to reveal something about yourself? If so, it may be a clear sign you’re afraid of being vulnerable on a date.

You Don’t Give People Time

Once an idea a person is one way takes root in your mind, there is really no way back. From then on, every date is just an effort you’re unconsciously making to confirm your assumption is right. If all you are doing is looking for clues to convince yourself that your date is not good enough, all you are doing is sabotaging your relationship before it’s even started.

You Think It’s All A Game

Yes, dating can be fun like a game, but it’s not a real game as such. The reason two people date is because they like each other and want to know more about each other, after all. If you don’t take dating seriously, you may not be invested enough to make things work. Games usually involve some competition and seeing the other person as a rival, and in the case of dating the other person should hardly be seen as such.

You Already See An Expiration Date

If you have a certain amount of dates you allow yourself to go to, or if you have already decided in your head that you will allow your dates to reach a certain ‘depth” but not turn into something more, chances are it is coming across to your potential partner and acts as a real deterrent. So, even if you don’t realize you’re feeling this way, or take the initiative to end things, you are still not allowing things to progress further than a few superficial dates.

In a world that’s full of potential but also superficiality and fast-food relationships, it’s easy to close yourself off to something deeper for fear of getting heartbroken. Being vulnerable on a date, however,  is not about being naive and silly, it’s the only way to forge a real and meaningful relationship with a person who will do the same for you. Remember, relationships that are not built on mutual trust are doomed to failure.

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