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Seemingly Unmanly Activities Every Man Should Actually Do

Even though times have changed and the roles of men and women are not as distinctly different as they were a few decades ago, there is still a deep-rooted notion about what makes a “manly man”. However, there are certain unmanly activities that can benefit a man in ways he may not have imagined.

How Do These Unmanly Activities Make You A Better Man?

Traditionally, a manly man will enjoy hunting, lifting weights, and watching football while drinking beer with his mates, and he’ll also love chopping wood for his BBQ. However, there are some things that are seen as more “unmanly” that can make a man a better version of himself. Read on.


After so many years of women being considered the unquestionable queens of the kitchen, men are proving to be equally – if not more – talented cooks. Honing his culinary skills is beneficial for any guy because it helps him be more creative, but it’s also good for teaching him how to discipline and follow directions. In terms of attraction, all women appreciate the effort put into preparing a delicious three-course meal. Even if you only learn a handful of recipes, make sure you excel at them; you won’t regret it.


Most men would rather buy the same shirt 5 times than to spend a few hours trying on clothes. Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, is a case in point, as he wears the same grey T-shirt every day claiming to be “too busy running the world’s largest social network” to spend time picking what to wear.

However, shopping should be seen as an act of care for one’s self, not a chore. A man who chooses his clothes to suit him has better chances of attracting the attention of ladies. Not only does he look better in clothes that fit and suit him, but he also makes clear the fact he respects himself enough to care for his outward appearance and also gets to feel more confident.


By reading we don’t mean cars magazines and sports newspapers, but actual books. It has been found that women are the primary readers of literature, as most men seem to prefer engaging in more active pursuits, regarding reading as one of the most unmanly activities.

Nevertheless, a well-read man who knows his Hesse from his Chekhov is more cultured, interesting and attractive for having opened up his mind to the world of literature and possessing the ability to see things from a different perspective.

House Cleaning

A man doesn’t have to live in a space that’s filled with dirt and roaches – living in squalid conditions doesn’t make one more of a man, it just makes him a lazy and dirty kind of person women would run a mile from.

Keeping your house or apartment clean is beneficial for you because it gives you a better space to think and live with less stress; not to mention a place where you can invite the girl of your dreams continuing a hot date.

All in all, it becomes clear that as our societies progress the lines between the manly and unmanly activities become more and more blurred, making us more attractive and accomplished people irrespective of gender instead.

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