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Research Says This Is The Ultimate Aphrodisiac During Dates

When we think of the ultimate aphrodisiac, we think of food items like oysters or chocolate. We may even think of wine. However, did you know that on first dates, or on every date you go on, the ultimate aphrodisiac is not what you eat or drink. Rather, it’s what you do.

Speed Dating Studies Reveal What The Ultimate Aphrodisiac Is

A study entitled “Selective Versus Unselective Romantic Desire” discovered something very interesting. During the research, it was observed that a unique desire was reciprocated with the same unique desire.

To simplify the explanation, the study was done through speed dating. Researchers were able to see that a participant who exhibited a genuine interest on their date was able to prompt the same interested response. You can read more about the study here.

Another study published in Science Direct seemed to back this result up. You can access the full text of the study here. One of the key findings of this research was that females consider mindfulness as an attractive quality in a man.

What To Do About It

We have always done our best to get that second date from a lady we like. We don’t always have the best luck but this piece of information can help better our odds.

The next time you go on a date, you have to make sure that you do the following:

  • Listen actively
  • Respond appropriately
  • Maintain eye contact

All these indicate that you are genuinely interested. Based on the two researches, the lady you’re dating will reciprocate with the same level of interest as you’re projecting. She will likely find you attractive and interesting as well.

You can’t fake it either, in case you wanted to know. Attention is the ultimate aphrodisiac when it is genuinely given or when it is not forced. Forced attention will likely make your date more uncomfortable rather than attracted to you.

You can’t argue with science. Try paying attention on your next date and see what happens. For more dating tips and relationship advice check out the rest of our posts on our blog.