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The Relationship Mistakes Successful Men Make That Drive Women Away

We often say that no person can have it all. And the same goes for successful men, the men who are used to being top dog at work, those who make big bucks and get to call the shots when it comes to doing business. But what happens when they leave the office? Do they still have the upper hand at home?

How Successful Men May Lose Amazing Women

Just because you are well-respected and command people’s respect in the workplace, doesn’t mean you will be equally adept at handling your personal life. These are some of the mistakes made by successful men as regards women.

The first mistake they make is that they take their work home with them. There is no doubt that in order to be at the top of their game, they need to be dedicated and hard-working. However, sometimes this dedication goes too far, as they become workaholics who don’t allow themselves and their partners live and enjoy the moment. A life full of stress and not a moment of real relaxation is bound to tire anyone – so a lady will sooner or later lose patience and look for something more relaxed and stress-free instead.

The second super-serious mistake of successful men when it comes to relationships is that they want to have absolute control of them. They want to be the ones who make all the important decisions; from when to move in together to where to go on vacation. It is understandable (to some extent) that they are used to making serious decisions, but a relationship has to take both parties’ wants and needs into account, or one of the two parties will be left dissatisfied and unhappy.

Their third major mistake has to do with their demanding and presumptuous behavior. Successful men often demand that their partner should be at their beck and call, citing their hard work and tiredness as a reason for their demands. A woman who is in a relationship with a successful man is not his servant or subordinate, though. She is an equal and a peer, and she’ll grow sick and tired of feeling like the third wheel in her own life.

Another relationship mistake made by successful men is that they sometimes feel that they can buy their way out of things. Because they are usually affluent but are often unavailable due to long working hours, they might try to bribe their way out of trouble. For example, a guy who had to cancel a date because a business meeting came up, might try to get back in his lady’s good books by offering her an expensive bag or piece of jewelry. This type of behavior might be excusable, even welcome, once or twice, but a lady who’s not a gold-digger will soon realize it’s not expensive objects she needs, but a partner who’s present.

Last but not least, successful men tend to crave attention like spoilt children, often feeling extremely jealous of anything they feel might threaten their position as king of their missus’ heart. Therefore, it is very frequent for successful men to isolate their women from their friends and family, wanting to be the center of her attention and care.  It might seem sweet for a while, but especially given the fact a man like this can’t really offer his women that much time, she will soon feel resentful and bored.

Even though a man may be successful at work, he may not be doing such a great job when it comes to romance. If you belong to the category of successful men, you should be careful not to fall into the trap of making the aforementioned mistakes, because they may be costing you the chance to keep a great partner by your side.

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