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Reasons Why Women Put Up Emotional Walls

There are instances when the women you are dating, or probably in a relationship with, would put up emotional walls. The walls were not put up for no reason, and yes, it is a negative reaction to a stimulus. With the goal of understanding these reasons behind the walls, you can help your partner navigate through her reactions.

Emotional Walls Rise Between You And Your Lady For The Following Reasons

It depends on the woman and her experiences, but sometimes, it takes very little for them to put up emotional walls. So before you resent her and launch an all-out war every time she reacts this way, maybe she needs understanding and empathy. So, why do women do this:

To Manage What Happens Next

A woman would try to anticipate what is going to happen next in a situation. She feels that she has to take control and manage the happening with the least hurt or shame possible. However, this sense of control is a myth. We cannot truly know what will happen next, no matter how long we hold our breaths. You just can’t predict other people’s behavior or the circumstances around us. Help your mate through this uptight situation by some reassurance. Let her know that no matter what, you are supporting her.

It’s A Defense Mechanism

An emotional wall is put up in order to avoid pain. It’s the easiest defense mechanism that a woman can create. When she does this, however, she is blocking not just the possible painful outcome but also the love and happiness that’s supposed to go through. A misunderstanding can then ensue if the man is not equipped to handle this.

It’s The Old Self Emerging

Past hurts can have a way of resurfacing through different forms. When the seemingly familiar painful situation is about to happen, your woman will immediately put up the wall in order to shield herself. She has had a bad experience in the past and her old self is trying to protect her in the present situation. Knowing this, you can better protect her as well by trying to explain what’s happening and proposing solutions to the problem.

Emotional walls can drive a wedge between a couple. But, if the man knows why his woman is doing this, he is able to help her overcome her traumas and penetrate these walls. Eventually, both will come out stronger. For more dating and relationship tips, make sure you read other posts from the blog.