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Realest Dating Advice You Will Ever Read

Even when you’ve been dating for years, there will still be a couple of things about it that you don’t understand or realize. And a lack of knowledge and understanding might be the main factor that’s hindering us from finding real love. What we need is the realest dating advice that will help us realize a few facts about dating.

Realest Dating Advice That Serves As Our Wake Up Call

With all the dating advice we encounter every day, we need the ones that are the most real and honest so we can date successfully. We need to remember the following by heart:

Letting Go Is Painful But Necessary

Most of the time, we hold on to relationships that we know are no longer working. If we have the desire to ask our partner if they are on their way out, it’s likely that they are. At this point, despite the pain, you need to start moving on if things aren’t working.

You are Responsible For Your Own Feelings

Commonly, we point our finger towards the person who hurt our feelings, whether this person is our partner or our friend. In the end, we need to remind ourselves that we need to own up to our own feelings. We are responsible for how we feel.

Don’t Be Afraid To Feel Pain

We shy away from the hard stuff happening in our relationship because they are painful. Every argument or big problem we encounter has its own negative effect on us. When we move on from this relationship, we might carry the fear of getting hurt to the next one. The fact is, we are all going to get hurt at one point or another. You cannot stop the hurt from happening. Instead of fearing it, what you can do is accept the inevitable but persist anyway.

Everything on this list is a hard fact, the realest dating advice anyone will read. The last item, talking about pain, may be hard to believe and accept, but we must if we truly want to move forward from past hurts and start fresh with the right person. For more articles similar to this, check out the rest of our blog.