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Qualities Women In Online Dating Are Looking For in a Man

Online dating used to have negative connotation, but that stigma has long since disappeared in today’s digital age. Today, research shows that 91 percent of single Americans have tried online dating. Dating sites are not only a useful tool, but an indispensable aid in your search for love. And one of the first things you should know when you begin your search for love is what women in online dating look for.

You’ll Be Ahead Of The Game When You Find Out What Women In Online Dating Are Looking For

Here at AnastasiaDate, we know that meeting your mate online can be a beautiful, life-changing experience, bridging the gap between geographical and cultural differences in just a few clicks.

You’re here looking for romance, companionship, and possibly even true love. That love is possible, and could be waiting for you this very moment. As you read through more member profiles, you’ll start to see certain qualities that many women in online dating are looking for in a man. Of course, on any dating site, certain keywords will come up over and over again. Loving, romantic, caring…regardless of where you’re from or what language you speak, the heart’s basic need for love is a universal concept.

The ladies here at AnastasiaDate are looking for love…but here are some of the additional qualities they seek out the most in potential partners:

Be Honest

It can be tempting to lie online, but keep in mind that no healthy relationship begins with deception. Honesty may seem like a no-brainer in terms of desired qualities in a man, but the stakes are a bit higher for international connections, where you might have to wait longer to physically touch and hold that wonderful person on the other end of the wifi.

Be honest – about yourself, about what you’re looking for in a woman, about your likes and dislikes…all of it. From that very first encounter, it matters.

Be Trustworthy

Someone has to believe you, and believe in you, in order to love you; it’s that simple. If you like a profile and make contact, women want you to present yourself as you actually are from the first communication. If you establish that she can believe what you say, she’ll want to hear more.

Be Sincere

Women use this word over and over, and with good reason. Women of all backgrounds battle stereotypes and gender inequality. The woman that you’re interested in needs to know that your interest is earnest for it to be reciprocated and blossom. Your sincere attentiveness and caring will shine through and attract women who want you for you, just as you want them for who they are.

Be Mature

You’re a grownup, right? Of course you are. But are you behaving like one? Are you acting and interacting like a mature adult who is ready for love? Immaturity and childishness are not appealing in any adult relationship, and the word “mature” is an especially frequent request here at AnastasiaDate.

Don’t let the far too common Peter Pan Syndrome keep you from meeting your love. Growing up is a good thing when it brings a full, rich life with it.

Be Driven

Alright, so you’re a great guy. Congratulations! Now what? Are you sitting around with a self-satisfied smile just…being? Are you doing alright for yourself and feel that a wonderful woman should come your way just…because?

Hopefully not, if you’d like to attract a lady here. Drive is enticing, and ambition is sexy. These ladies know you have it in you to build something great or lead in your industry, and that doesn’t require you being a billionaire mogul or a superhero tycoon. It just means that you have a strong sense of purpose and goals that you strive for, big or small.  Laziness is boring. If you’re excited about where you’re headed, she’s more likely to want to come along for the ride.

You Can Do It

These qualities are all accessible and attractive – even if you don’t feel you’re completely mastering every piece, the effort towards an end goal goes a long way. The man she’s looking for? He just might be you.

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