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Proven Steps To Build Trust In A Relationship

Trust in a relationship means different things for different people; some value it above all else while others don’t really think about it as much. The following seven steps will help you maintain and strengthen the trust in your relationship:

Everything You Need To Build Trust In A Relationship

You cannot have a loving relationship if you do not rely on your partner to be competent. If you think your partner incapable of doing things and doubt their abilities, it means that you do not trust them to be reliable. A loss of respect will soon follow and the relationship will not last.

It’s the same the other way around. You should ask yourself if you are a reliable and steady individual. If your partner doesn’t think you have a steady or reliable personality, then he or she will never trust you. Very few people will want to stay with an erratic, unpredictable person. A measure of predictability instills a sense of security in a relationship.

Also, honesty is important in any relationship. You and your partner should have complete honesty between each other; otherwise neither will trust each other and the relationship will be doomed to failure. Usually when two people have been living together for a while one can always tell when the other is lying through studying their body language.

Keeping secrets from each other is another sure fire way of eroding the trust in a relationship and eventually destroying it. All the energy spent in maintaining secrets from your loved one could be better spent in making him or her happy and improving your relationship. It is also a common fact that most people who keep secrets eventually slip up.

It is important to be open with your partner and share your internal thoughts and feelings with them; communication is a vital part of any relationship. A strong relationship built upon mutual trust and understanding will have both partners confiding in each other.

Embrace The Hard Times

What have you learned from the difficulties you have experienced in your relationship? Just like all things in life, relationships have their ups and downs. Problems and challenges in a relationship should be resolved to the satisfaction of both partners, but more importantly they should be used as opportunities for learning and growth. You grow closer together when both you emerge from hardships. Difficulties between you and your partner should not leave you angry and bitter, but instead make the bond between you too stronger than before.

Are you too subservient to your partner? Do you let her walk all over you and agree with everything she says because you think it is a way of keeping him/her happy? If that is the case, it is almost certain your partner does not respect you and your relationship will soon be on rocky ground. Nobody wants a boot-licker or a yes-man as their significant other. Be confident in speaking your mind and disagreeing with your partner every now and then. A difference in opinion will not harm your relationship; frank discussion is a good sign of a healthy relationship and will instill trust in your partner.

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