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The PROS and CONS Of Pre-Dating Transparency

When different people meet, they all have different motives. Some are looking for potential lifetime partners, some for a short-term date to an event (i.e. reunion, wedding), and others just want to have fun. Whatever the motive is, wouldn’t you like it if there was a pre-dating transparency?

What is Pre-Dating Transparency

The concept of pre-dating transparency is basically telling the other person where you are in life right now and what you are expecting from dating. For example, you could just be looking for a friend to confide in. Or, you may be on the lookout for a long-term relationship. Whatever it is that you want to define your relationship wants before you start dating the person. This is what pre-dating transparency is all about.

The Pros

The nice thing about pre-dating transparency is knowing exactly where you stand. For example, you like this person that you just met. You want to get to know him or her more. With pre-dating transparency, you both get to tell each other what you are expecting. It eliminates guessing and, eventually, stress from not knowing where the relationship is going.

And if the two of you do not share the same goal in dating, then you have the option to stop right away so that you do not waste time and resources. This means you can easily move on to the next prospect who has the same dating goals as you. 

The Cons

The downside, however, is that you may easily give up finding a person with the same wants as you. Your date might be interested in you, and he or she may be the soulmate that you have been waiting for. But, when you tell this person that you are not looking into a serious relationship right now, he or she might likely back out. In this case, you might miss your chance. 

Wisdom to Know the Difference

So in the matter of pre-dating transparency, it would still be good to exercise caution. Maybe, by the first or second meeting, you can already gauge the situation if you decide that you want to be honest about your expectations. Is he or she someone who’s ready for commitment or just a fling? For other tips on dating, read other posts on our blog.