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You Have All The Power To Attract New Love That Will Be Forever, And Here’s How

In all of us there is a desire to meet a person who is our equal, our soulmate, and our one true love. We search for this person in every relationship we have. Every time a new love comes along, we entertain the possibility of the person being “the one”.

Finding New Love By Focusing On Purposefulness

Despite this fact, the cold, hard truth remains – not every new love ends up being our true love. And, this fact weighs heavily on most of us. The unexpected outcome becomes baggage that affects our lives in a negative way. It also could be baggage that we bring into the next relationship we have, and this is no way to live our lives.

We have all been there and we know how painful it is to lose someone you truly cared about, but life should go on. If this sounds like you, don’t worry because you still have the chance to rebuild your life through “intention”.

Intending For Your Life To Be This Way

If you’ve encountered the Law of Attraction, you will be familiar with the power of intention. In the dictionary, “intention” is synonymous to forethought. It could mean “aim” or “plan”. Experts will say that if you intend your life to be miserable, then you’ll be miserable. But, if you intend your life to be more than it was yesterday, well, you get the idea.

Start With Your Insides

Books on purposeful living will tell you that it is not about physically doing something to improve your life. Intention starts from within. Here are steps you can take on the path to intending your life to be better:

  1. Deal with your past. You’ll need to have some sort of closure from whatever past relationship or experience you’re still carrying.
  2. Focus on the now. Because your aim is to change your perspective, all you have to focus on is today. Don’t worry about the past because you’ve dealt with it, and don’t worry about the future because it is going to make itself when you focus on the now.
  3. Believe in the change. Lastly, if you believe that things will change for the better – you’ll find a new love, you’ll land a better job, you’ll be a better version of yourself – they eventually will as long as you maintain your focus.

Believe us when we say that this journey can take time – a lot of it. But, again, don’t worry about the future and start focusing on the now to begin living your life with purpose. Remember that it all starts with your intention.

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