Polish Folk Costume Quiz – How Will You Score?

Did you know each region in Poland has its very own folk costume? It’s a symbol of pride among locals and plays a big part in festivals. So grab the chance to learn all about the heritage of your Polish match.

Put on your thinking cap and take our Polish folk costume quiz below. Inspire your next online conversation!


  1. Name the material used to produce the traditional outfit in Bilogoraj.
  2. a) Linen
  3. b) Plastic
  4. c) Denim


  1. Which pattern is always used in local costume design in Opoczno?
  2. a) Ampersands
  3. b) Stripes
  4. c) 0s and Xs


  1. What accessory makes women’s folk dress from Cieszyn Silesia stand out?
  2. a) Wooden spoons
  3. b) Silver jewelry
  4. c) Antlers


  1. Name the lace-up bodice featured in the Krzczonow costumes worn in Lublin Province.
  2. a) Grube skarpetki
  3. b) Warsaw
  4. c) Gorsetka


  1. Which intricate decoration adorns women’s costume in Poland’s Lemko region?
  2. a) A collar-shaped necklace made from seed-beads
  3. b) Angel wings sewn onto the jacket
  4. c) Beverage coasters woven into the dress


  1. Name the special cap decorated with peacock feathers, worn by men in Krakow.
  2. a) Beret
  3. b) Fedora
  4. c) Krakuska


Answers: 1) a 2) b 3) b 4) c 5) a 6) c


How did you score?

0 correct: You need to learn more about your Polish matches!

1-3 correct: Your interest in Poland shows encouraging signs.

4-5 correct: Polish women will be very impressed with you!

6 correct: Are you Polish?