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Want To Be A More Persuasive Partner? This Is How You Do It

In life, we cannot avoid arguments. We may think about them negatively, but they are like salt and pepper in every relationship, or even friendship. We all have different views and backgrounds which is why arguments are inevitable. However, if one learns to be a more persuasive partner, it might be easier to resolve arguments or even avoid them in the near future.

Become A Persuasive Partner With These Tips

Being a persuasive partner doesn’t mean that we are going to win every debate that we get into with our partner. It simply means that we allow our partner to see the situation through our eyes. Here are some tips on how you can be persuasive:

1. Recognize that an argument is not to fight.

As mentioned, arguments happen because of different points of view. Look at it this way: an argument happens because you need to bring across a point. But, you can do it in a way that’s calm, healthy and productive.

2. Ask questions.

After you’ve changed your perspective on arguments, ask questions. To understand the other person better, the key thing is to get their thoughts by asking. These questions, when answered, should bring clarity.

3. Be straight to the point.

A lot of arguments tend to progress into a misunderstanding and eventually a fight when we beat around the bush. We have all heard of the “he said, she said” kind of situation. If you say what you really mean, you’ll be less likely misunderstood.

4. Check your tone and body language.

We all know how much trouble we can get into with the incorrect tone of voice. Avoid creating a tense atmosphere just by sounding kinder. Also, a persuasive partner is quick to apologize if the other party tenses up because of an angry tone or aloof body language.

5. Be a good listener.

Listen actively in order to understand your partner’s stand. Process what your partner is saying and don’t just listen because you want to formulate a good come back.

Try these tips and let’s see how persuasive you can really be. For other tips on improving relationships, read the rest of our blog.