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What Mentioning Food Does To Your Dating Success

What aspects of your dating profile can you tweak to achieve dating success? There are actually plenty – you can upload better pictures and you can give more effort to writing your “About Me”, to name a few. However, this new research says that mentioning specific types of food can actually make your online profile stand out.

Your Dating Success Can Be Improved With Food, This Is How

A study done revealed that mentioning specific types of food on your profile can make you more attractive. The site surveyed 7,000 singles to see if there was a connection between mentioning food and attractiveness. The results were surprising. Here are the top 10 best foods to mention on your profile plus the approximate increase in percentage when it comes to the number of incoming messages you can receive:

  • Guacamole – 144%
  • Potatoes – 101%
  • Chocolate – 100%
  • Salad – 97%
  • Sushi – 93%
  • Avocado – 91%
  • Pasta – 75%
  • Cheese – 75%
  • Cake – 72%
  • Burger – 68%

We told you the results were surprising. As for the reason behind these increases, sadly, it wasn’t mentioned on the research but it’s interesting to see that a slight mention of the foods stated above can bring forth a positive reaction from potential dates.

In addition, the survey also revealed that yams shouldn’t be mentioned anywhere in your dating profile because it resulted in a -70% in terms of the messages the single received. We can also add fried chicken to the list of foods you shouldn’t mention, garnering a -15% on the results.

How Can You Use This Data?

First off, avoid mentioning yams and fried chicken. Second, mention one or two of the food items on the list above. There’s a catch, though. You have to make it sound as natural as possible so that the words don’t seem like they were forced into your profile. Here are a few examples:

Bad: “I am the type of person who whips up a damn good guacamole.” – this is a bad example because it’s like tooting your own horn.

Good: “I make guacamole every time I and my friends watch a game. The secret to my guac is…I’ll let you know through messaging.” – this is good because it sounds fun and you’re setting up the right kind of situation that allows a conversation to get started.

Go ahead and make these tweaks then let us know if you, indeed, achieved dating success. For more online dating tips, check out more on our blog.